Callie McMillan

Callie is a natural learner and instructor, which makes her the perfect fit to be our Fellowship Training Manager! Not only does she manage RTC’s extensive resources database full of suggested interventions and techniques for all kinds of issues, but she has previously curated and run a sex therapy course for our clinicians. Her passion for encouraging others (and pushing herself!) to learn and grow is insatiable, and she is especially knowledgeable about sex therapy, LGBTQIA+/polyamory/kink issues, and trauma using the Post Induction Therapy (PIT) and Brainspotting approaches. Plus, as a pioneer member of our clinic’s first fellowship program, she knows exactly what material to present to make sure that our fellows are getting top-of-the-line training on how to be an effective couples therapist. We couldn’t be more thrilled that Callie will be our Fellowship Training Manager!

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