Erin Egertson

We are so confident that you are going to love working with Erin because she will love working with you. As a couples therapy clinic – we are painfully aware that very few people are truly made for the extraordinary complexity and difficulty of being a couples therapist. Erin is one of those one in a million finds. Couples therapy isn’t an extension of Erin – it is who she is. We are consistently amazed at her ability to breathe life into the most difficult and tragic situations. But what baffles us is her ability to utilize her sense of humor and infectious laugh to carry couples through into the land of hope and reconnection.

Don’t let Erin’s youthful appearance fool you; Erin is wise beyond her years, it’s almost otherworldly. When we are with her, somehow we find ourselves feeling more calm and at ease without the slightest effort. We find ourselves even being transformed into better partners and better people. Perhaps this transformation comes simply from how she is in the world. But the prevailing notion at RTC is that she’s an ancient soul who’s come to help and protect couples when they desperately need hope and a reprieve from the pain.

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