Jebediah J. Sawyer

Jeb was the first Gottman Certified Therapist in Minnesota and he is the only Certified Feedback Informed Treatment Trainer in Minnesota. Jeb has extensive training in couples therapy – including specialized training with Susan Johnson, Michael White, Daniel Wile, Brent Atkinson, and several other prominent therapists. He also specializes in trauma treatment through EMDR and Pia Mellody’s trauma specific therapy. Jeb is the Co-Founder of the Relationship Therapy Center and the Co-Creator of Intensive Couples Counseling – a proprietary program designed to get couples moving and help couples traditional couples therapy can not. Jeb’s style in supervision is to give a comprehensive understanding of what will be covered and then use a clear, and systematic approach to help you know where we’re going and why. Jeb lays out the roadmap and helps everything make sense.

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