“[Our therapist] is wonderful! She has done a fantastic job so far of making us feel heard and given us confidence that our issues can be addressed. We’re very happy to be working with her.”*

“[Our therapist] is great, we like her a lot! She is super nice, a great listener and just a very well rounded therapist!”*

“I think [my spouse] and I are in agreement that we can’t imagine working with anyone other than [our therapist]! This has been a really great and worthwhile experience so far.”*

“We have really enjoyed working with [our therapist] and have already seen some great improvements in our relationship thanks to our work with her. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of relationship support.”*

“[Our therapist] has helped me a great deal already. Seeing her once a week makes me feel like I am moving forward in my path to a better mental health. Her approach is exactly what I need at this moment. I really appreciate her observations and she is very good at pinpointing what to focus.”*

“We have had some rocky moments but I think that is more due to our relationship and associated issues and as of right now we are very happy. I appreciate (our therapist’s) passion and personally feel she really understands my perspective which is really important to me. Therapy is much more intensive than anything we have done and I feel like we are being challenged rather than just listened too.”*

“[Our therapist] is a perfect fit for me. He is helping me work on exactly what I need to be. I feel really listened to by him and I feel like he is guiding me on a good pathway.”*

“[Our therapist] is a perfect fit for me. He is helping me work on exactly what I need to be. I feel really listened to by him and I feel like he is guiding me on a good pathway.”*

“I feel very optimistic about [our therapist’s] strategic approach for improving our communication as a couple. [My partner] has already identified a few areas of noticeable progress in some of my own communication habits. His suggestions for handling conflict productively feel very manageable. I also enjoy his lessons on the mechanics of relational conflict. These concepts make sense and have given me powerful insight. Beyond that, I have felt respected and safe in all of our sessions. I’ve also noticed he’s very good at wrapping up the appointment naturally. I’ve never felt like I was brought to a halt or made to leave before I was ready. Overall, I feel good about where things are going. It still feels like we’re laying a foundation, but I’m excited to move forward.”*

“[My partner] and I cannot speak highly enough about [Our therapist’s] approach and work with us. We are extremely grateful that we were matched with her. Please know that because of her work we are hopeful for the future again.”*

“[Our therapist] is a really good fit for us! She does very well balancing help for the both of us. She continues to provide tools for us to work on to improve our relationship. She is really great.”*

“[Our therapist] is wonderful! She has been the best match we have found by far. We look forward to seeing her! After almost every session we’re able to communicate with each other more effectively.”*

“[My therapist] has been absolutely great, and I definitely feel like I’m making progress. He genuinely cares about my well-being and is extremely accommodating and flexible.”*

“[My therapist] is amazing! My husband and I are extremely happy with him and happy to continue resolving our issues and gaining greater insight, respect, and a greater sense of self and togetherness in our marriage. He is awesome.”*

“I truly believe I would not be where I am (a mom!!) without my therapist. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate her and all of her help. I often catch myself thinking “what would she say” before making decisions.”*

“We love [our therapist]!! She had already done wonders for us! She totally gets us and our situation!”*

“Time and again I’ve seen the tools that you’ve taught us work wonderfully. I remembered one of your more recent suggestions a couple days ago and it made a huge difference. All of the tools that you’ve taught both (my partner) and me have been especially important of late in navigating… Thank you for all that you’ve done for us. You’ve made our lives so much better.”*

“We love [our therapist], she has worked wonders for my husband and I. I feel we have grown and gained a lot of knowledge to help us with our marriage, as parents, and individuals. I would recommenced her and anyone who works here to anyone!! We can’t say enough good things!!!”*

“We ADORE [our therapist].”*

“We ADORE [our therapist]. He is literally exactly what we were looking for, and he has helped us so much already. I cannot say enough to sing his praises, and we are so looking forward to continuing to work with him. We are so pleased with his work and feel so fortunate that we get to work with him.”*

“[Our therapist] did a very good job collecting and analyzing information obtained from each of us, explaining how our strengths and weaknesses affected our marriage, and how they brought us to the current state we are in.”*

“[Our therapist] is AMAZING. She is so smart, insightful and kind but tough. She challenges and supports us. I couldn’t imagine a better match. I feel so grateful.”

“[Our therapist] is amazing! She is a wonderful listener, resource, and provides brand new ideas instead of recycling ideas I’ve heard in the past.”

“We both really like how [our therapist] is working with us. I think she does a great job at listening, understanding me, and making sense of things that I was previously unaware of. I was not expecting that couples therapy would be so deep and detailed. I was pleasantly surprised with her approach and I would recommend her both to couples and individuals looking for therapy.”*

“[Our therapist] is an extraordinary therapist. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking support and/or clarity about their relationship or personal path. She has witnessed and supported my partner and I as we wade through the deepest weeds of our relationship, and she continues to support both of us respectively in finding our most authentic avenues going forth. I am deeply grateful to have had the chance to work closely with her. She is a rare gem!”*

“[Our therapist] has been great! We feel extremely comfortable with her. She is so easy to talk to; she explains everything thoroughly and in an easy to understand way. We actually look forward to seeing her each week. We have definitely made progress in our relationship in the short time that we have had with her. The office space is nice and cozy; it feels more like a home than an office. I would recommend (my therapist) and RTC to anyone!”*

“Things have never been better between us. We are having so much fun together and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Tough spots are inevitable, but we’ve got the tools you gave us to get us through. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us!”*

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